Career Recruiting Policies

Our goal is to match students and employers. To that end, we support the Principles for Professional Practice as adopted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers. The principles are designed to provide practitioners with three basic precepts for career planning, placement, and recruitment.

Illinois graduates are changing the world. Our innovative spirit and pioneering research tackle global problems and expand the human experience. Our students thrive on transformative learning experiences that drive them to make a significant societal impact. Illinois students become leaders. Recruit at Illinois to build your talent pipeline.

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Getting Started 

The College of ACES has approximately 2,600 undergraduate and more than 700 graduate students.

If you're interested in recruiting ACES students or alumni, start by registering as an employer on our online recruiting platform, Handshake @ Illinois. To target current students as well as recent graduates and experienced professionals, select ACES Career Services as your primary recruiting office.

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The University of Illinois is part of the NACElink Network OneStop, which allows you to streamline your recruiting operations and synchronize log-in information across all school systems to reach students and alumni at over 600 member schools. To learn more about student enrollment by college, degree, program of study, or other categories, visit the university's hiring dashboard, HireIllini.

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Campus Interviews

Due to the competitive nature of securing top talent, recruiting for full-time positions and summer internships primarily occurs in the fall. The day after the ACES & Sciences Career Fair we host more than 400 interviews at the ARC. All other interview dates are held in the ACES Library and Information Center (LIAC). ACES has access to six interview rooms for the rest of recruiting season.

Interview Schedules

ACES will schedule interviews from 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m., with approximately 10 to 12 interviews per schedule. Custom schedules are also allowed if they can be accommodated. Interviews cannot be scheduled before 8:30 a.m. Please note due to the expense of hosting interviews, the day after the fair interviews are limited to recruiters with a full schedule.

To schedule on-campus interviews, contact Jean Drasgow or 217-333-0981. You can also reserve dates through Handshake @ Illinois.


  • Position type: full-time or intern
  • Number of schedules for each position type
  • Interview length (30, 45, or 60 minutes each)
  • Single or back-to-back interviews (back to back = two rooms with more than one recruiter; candidate swaps rooms to interview with each set during scheduled time slot)
  • Minimum GPA requirement
  • A job description to post to each interview schedule

Information Sessions

Information sessions may also be scheduled through ACES Career Services via Handshake @ Illinois. We are also happy to direct you to relevant ACES Student Organizations that may be able to accommodate employer presentations.


ACES is accessible for recruiters nationwide, with local access to major airlines serving metropolitan airports in Chicago and Dallas as well as the University of Illinois Williard Airport (CMI) in Champaign. Champaign/Urbana is also an easy drive from airports in Bloomington, IL; Chicago, IL; Indianapolis, IN; and St. Louis, MO.


ACES provides one complimentary parking space for every full recruiting schedule. If your team needs additional spaces, you can use metered parking. City of Champaign meters ($1.00/hour, two-hour limit). City of Urbana meters are color-coded by length of time available on the meter. Red is 30 minutes or less, blue is two hours and gray is 10 hours. Urbana meters in the campus area have a rate of $1.00 an hour. University of Illinois meters ($1.00/hour, 10-hour limit). For maps of different locations on campus, visit Campus Parking.