Undergraduate research involves exploring and making original discoveries about a specific topic. All ACES students can participate, and no research experience is necessary. Your research will be guided by a faculty mentor.

Why participate in research?
By engaging in undergraduate research, you will:

  • Enhance your educational experience beyond the classroom
  • Develop a relationship with a faculty mentor
  • Dig deeper into issues and methods in your field of interest
  • Acquire valuable skills for your career
  • Improve your communication and writing skills
  • Gain experience that future employers, graduate, and professional schools desire

Getting Started

The Illinois Office of Undergraduate Research is a great resource for information, and we host many research workshops throughout the school year to help you get started. But the very best way to jump in is to approach a professor whose research aligns with your interests and reach out to them as an advisor. They will help connect you with researchers in your chosen field.

We offer many programs focused on undergraduate research including:


If you have any questions about undergraduate research, please email Rob Chappell.


Since 1982, we have supported an ACES Undergraduate Research Scholarship Program to provide research opportunities for qualified students. 

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